Sorry I don’t have time to draw much T3T


Actually had some time to myself for a bit!


quick Starlord doodle cause I remembered how much I freaking fell for this film


I liked this outfit I saw so I drew my character in it. Whop.

Used references for practice. :)


More development goodies from my personal project thing. I’ve been posting a lot about it recently. :O

Obviously I’m actively avoiding environment/background concepts at the moment lol…


Another fixed, final design.

I probably changed his hair and eyebrows like 20 times. His outfit generally stayed the same though.


More design stuff for my super secret story project.

I’m slowly growing more and more comfortable talking about it as my ideas get clearer in my head. It helped that I got some people interested in it at Otakuthon!


fixed a character design for a thing

I’ll probably post more details about it soon!

She’s an actress in those Victorian Pepper’s ghost shows, so she’s a bit of a fraud.

Older version: [x]



Remus Lupin and tea for art trade with :3
eeh…i wanted to draw it digital…but i got new watercolour brush today…so…it´s experiment :3

What a lovely piece. ;u;

I must work hard to match up!


avocado nymphs :)